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Mimasa alimenta tu salud Mimasa alimenta tu salud Mimasa alimenta tu salud Mimasa alimenta tu salud

A Broad Range of Products for a New Lifestyle


Welcome to MIMASA’s website. Here you’ll find all the information about our range of natural products and how to enjoy healthy eating with them.

First, we introduce you to the foods and products that we have for you, organized by categories: miso, soy sauce, vegetable protein, umeboshi, seaweed, roots and other plants, sesame products, drinks, condiments, cereal, pasta, prepared products and cooking gear. You’ll be able to learn about the history of all of them, their properties, health benefits, serving suggestions and complete nutritional information.

All of MIMASA’s products ensure a balanced diet, they are supported by scientific evidence and many of them are organic. Based on the principles of a macrobiotic diet, they guarantee the equilibrium between ying and yang organs in our body, which is what our health is based on. The quality of MIMASA’s products is determined by the way they’re grown, the environment (purity of the air and water, absence of neighboring crops that could pollute the environment etc.), the respect to the traditions and a careful production process.

Also, we offer you the best recipes for you to make the most of MIMASA’s products, as well as tips and interesting information that will help you understand why our products are so healthy. Lastly, with our shop localizer you'll be able to find the closest point of sale to buy our organic products.