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MIMASA ifigen


Avocado Spread with Hatcho Miso

Chickpea Spread with Tahin

Beetroot Spread with Hatcho Miso

Rice Rolls with Nori Seaweed

Canapé with Organic Tahin Spread and Hatcho Miso

Main course:

Organic Adzuki Bean Stew with Rosemary

First course:

Pumpkin and Pea Casserole with Hatcho Miso

Wakame Seaweed and Beetroot Salad

Organic Tempeh Cheese Salad with Asparagus and Carrot

Sweet Potato, Red Bell Pepper and Organic Tofu Quiche

Grilled Greens with Garlic Sauce and Hatcho Miso

Vegetable Aspic with Agar-Agar

Cold Peas Cream with Agar-Agar

Tomato and Agar-Agar Mozzarella Salad

Mushroom Risotto with Agar-Agar

Tonic Soup

Udon with Ginger Soup

Rainbow Salad with Organic Tahin Dressing

Bulgur, Tofu and Snow Peas Timbale

Second course:

Organic Seitan and Tofu Balls with Beetroot


Sesame and Nuts Bars

Sautéed Fruit Crepes with Rice Syrup

Fresh Fruit and Agar-Agar Jelly

Pears with Rice Syrup

Orange Carob Cake with Agar-Agar and Rice Syrup

Coconut Jelly with Mango Pure and Agar-Agar

Strawberry Jam with Agar-Agar