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Sesame grain


Nutritional information per 100g:

  • Energy 575 kcal
  • Proteins 19 g
  • Fat Total 50 g
    • Saturated 0 g
  • Carbohydrates 26 g
    • Sugars 0 g
  • Sodium 0 g
Sesame grain
Sesame grain

Sesame was one of the first oleaginous plants cultivated by humans in prehistoric times.

Ancient historical documents from Asia, Europe and Africa provide culinary and therapeutic uses for sesame and sesame oil.

Nowadays, it is still commonly used in villages in Asia, Northern Africa and South America. Unfortunately, Europeans had practically stopped consuming it, however, it has been recovered thanks to dietetics since it is one of the most complete foods available in nature within its genus.

Its richness in lecithin, phosphorus, a wide variety of essential amino acids (22.7% proteins), minerals (5.27%), unsaturated fats, and a low carbohydrate content make it very energetically revitalizing.

Composition: 100% natural ecological sesame grain (Sesamum Indicum).

Made in the EU.

Format: 250g packet.

Instructions for use: Sprinkle on cereals, vegetables, desserts, etc.

ECOLOGICAL CCPAE Aval. Not genetically modified.

EAN Code: 84 36032151922