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Sesame grain
Sesame snacks

Sesame Products, Complete Foods

Sesame was one of the first oilseed crops to be grown by humans, dating back from prehistoric times. In the old history of Asia, Europe and Africa we find testimonies of the use of sesame and sesame products for food and therapeutic purposes. It is nowadays still commonly used in the Far East, North Africa and South America. In Europe it had almost been abandoned, although thanks to the boom of dietetics it started been consumed again, as it is one of the most complete foods, among its type, that nature gives us.

With a high content in lethicin and phosphorus, sesame is the specific food for the nervous system. A broad range of essential amino acids (22.7% of all its proteins), its high level of perfectly absorbable minerals (5.27%) as well as its low percentage of carbohydrates make it a first-class energy booster. This is why sesame seeds and MIMASA’S specific products are a great complement for our daily diet.