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Vegetable Proteins, an Alternative to Meat

Free from the harm of animal origin products, vegetable proteins are a great source of this element.

Vegetable proteins do not have the harmful residues of animal origin products (cholesterol, saturated fat and chemical toxins), this is why they are a healthy alternative to eating meat. These proteins are also easier to assimilate and digest.

Tofu, tempeh and protine are vegetable proteins that come from soy and thus have all of its qualities. Soy has 36% great-quality proteins (more than any other food of plant or animal origin), apart from the eight essential amino acids. Soy-based foods are low-calorie, don't contain cholesterol or any of the saturated fats that are so common in most animal meat.

Seitan is wheat protein and it is prepared with Tamari-Shoyu, a sauce rich in soy protein.

Adzuki beans are a type of legume noted for being rich in protein as well for their high energy content.